In a recent blog post, Ubisoft announced the upcoming beta dates for the upcoming open world third-person shooter The Division.

Xbox One players will get 24 hour early access and will get to play the beta starting January 28th. PS4 and PC players can start playing the beta on January 29th. The closed beta goes through January 31st.

A description from the site reads, “Beginning on Manhattan’s Chelsea Pier, the beta will take you through early story-driven missions that establish your foothold in New York. You’ll team up with other agents to battle for loot and outwit other agents in the PvP-enabled Dark Zone.”

That’s right, this is a closed beta. The only way to guarantee a spot in the beta is by pre-ordering the game. There’s currently a waiting list for the beta. Players can sign up for the waiting list on Ubisoft’s website here. The way current betas have played out, it’d be surprising if Ubisoft didn’t open the beta up for at least one day.

Ubisoft recently released a new detailed trailer for the game, and Microsoft announced earlier today an Xbox One bundle featuring the game and 1TB of storage for $399.

Tom Clancy’s The Division launches March 8, 2016 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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