In a recent developer update, Bungie has revealed that improvements to the Crucible’s matchmaking connections for Destiny are currently in the works.

Nearly two months into the latest expansion, Rise of Iron, fans have now moved their attention toward addressing quality issues with the game’s PvP, a common problem with Destiny.

In an attempt to remedy these issues, Bungie has outlined their plans moving forward. Check out the details below:

“When it comes to Matchmaking, here are our design goals:”
  • Provide you with a clean connection to your fellow players
  • Keep the time you spend in orbit between matches to a minimum
  • Set a match between you and a worthy opponent
…in that order.
“Here’s how we go about finding you a match:”
  • First, we identify a pool of available players with a good connection to you
  • Within that pool, we choose players closely matched to your personal skill rating
  • If we can’t find players within that pool, we widen the variance in skill
  • If THAT doesn’t work, we expand the search again with more variance in connection quality
  • Once enough players are selected, we break them out into equally skilled teams

For everything in this week’s update, visit Bungie’s article. Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates on the game.

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