Zeroing in on its 26th of November release date in Japan, Square Enix has been putting out videos highlighting the playable characters in their upcoming arcade title Dissidia Final Fantasy (2015). For the last 4 days, Square has shown off 4 playable characters from the game. The release of these videos are a lead up for the official release. The currently shown off characters are also revealed by their order within the franchise. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the first four, starting with the Warrior of Light:

The classic and stalwart Warrior of Light. He retains some of his moves from the original PlayStation Portable title. While being a very balanced character, his main gimmick is the use of shields and having special armor. A fearsome warrior that uses sword, shield and light to hound enemies both in close quarters and ranged.

Frionel/Firion the weapons expert. Using every conceivable weapon from his game, he excels in punishing opponents who like to stay out of reach. Being able to pressure them into getting closer again where he can unleash his combos. An exceedingly strong ground fighter.

Onion Knight, the quick and destructive fighter. His move set has changed up from the original title. Due to the change with the EX system, the Onion Knight can now change between his forms whenever he pleases. He can stay with a balanced Onion Knight class, go into an even faster close quarters Ninja class or an extremely potent long distance Sage class that deals damage with his magical prowess.

Cecil Harvey, the embodiment of strength in darkness and light. His style is similar to the original game. He can switch between Dark Knight and Paladin form in order to deal with the current battle situation. His Dark Knight form is extremely devastating on the ground in both ranged and close quarters. The Paladin form is graceful and excels in aerial combat, making sure to relentlessly attack foes.

There are even more characters that have been shown in the trailers and have been revealed. The arranged tracks for each character’s represented game is also incredible. Something that I enjoyed immensely with the original Dissidia and its prequel.

These trailer reveals will be done in four character segments as each are revealed. No release date for the Western market has been announced yet and the game is planned for a PlayStation 4 release at some point.

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