One of the great things about PC gaming is the number of graphical settings you can tweak to make a game look like a realer-than-life simulation or more akin to those lovable PS1 graphics. Console users usually get to play around with the gamma setting, and that’s it.

With The Division’s beta rolling out earlier this week, console users were met with two graphics setting options that they don’t normally get to tinker with.

The first is something called chromatic aberration. This is a filter that, according to Eurogamer, “mimic[s] the properties of a camera lens, taking the high-contrast points visible on-screen, and splitting them into their red, green and blue constituent parts.” Turning this setting on or off doesn’t really affect the performance of the console version, and really only affects the look of the game.

the division settings

Another graphical setting for the consoles is a slider bar called sharpen image. It impacts the amount of anti aliasing that occurs. Turning it all the way up tends to create a halo effect on certain lighted objects, but setting it somewhere around 75 “creates a noticeably clearer horizon.”

And, of course, you can still change the brightness.

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