Launching on February 9, Bungie have detailed Destiny’s upcoming Crimson Doubles multiplayer mode.

Crimson Doubles will be a 2-on-2 mode that requires players to enter together; you won’t be partnered up with a teammate via matchmaking. It’s an elimination mode where the goal is to kill both players on the other team, the first team doing so during five rounds wins. The twist comes from the Broken Heart Buff.

After your teammate dies, you’ll receive the buff, your maximum armour, weapon handling speed and recovery time will be increased. These advantages will remain until either the round finishes or you revive your fallen comrade (Queue awww).

Special rewards will be available specifically for the event, including a new emblem, Ghost Shells (which go as high as 320 light) and shaders. The emblem, specifically, is earned through a quest. Crimsons Days-specific bounties can be worked by both players of a team.

Also as part of the Valentine’s Day extravaganza, new emotes will be available for a limited time, including a fist bump, as well as a new item called Crimsons Candy. When consumed this causes all members of the player’s fireteam to earn additional experience with their equipped weapons for 30 minutes.

The event will run until February 16.

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