Screenshots have emerged online that an Xbox One user was able to successfully install a digital version of Left 4 Dead 2 on their Xbox One.

In the wake of Microsoft’s monthly backward compatibility announcements, fans of Xbox 360 classics eagerly await news of a new game to add to the list each month, often finding or being given hints as to the next set of titles due for release.

After the screenshot was posted online,rumours have been floating around that this means Valve’s follow-up to the acclaimed Left 4 Dead may be making its way to Xbox One’s backward compatibility program in the near future.

This rumour is somewhat backed up by users being able to install a digital copy of Doom shortly before it was announced as a BC title. We don’t yet have confirmation if the user who installed the game can play it, but we also have a capture of the main menu.

At this point we’re taking the screenshot as a rumour, but it will be interesting to see if Left 4 Dead 2 becomes available as a BC title over the next few months.

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