Ever just want to run around a container ship in shrieking terror? Junkfish can make that happen for you!

Junkfish’s first full game, Monstrum, will be shipping out of Early Access and on to Steam next week. Wednesday the 20th, to be specific. Monstrum is a proceduraly generated nightmare in which players navigate the claustrophobic maze of a container ship. Lurking beasties are in every shadow and under every desk – making it back to dry land will be difficult.

“We’re really excited to be launching Monstrum fully next week! It’s been a lot of hard sailing from the initial Early Access release in January until this point,” Director Jaime Cross says, “it’s been genuinely amazing to see all these people playing Monstrum so far, how they take to it, and making it better thanks to their input. Watching videos and seeing fanart from people all across the world has really made the whole thing worthwhile.”

The horror genre is a full one these days. Games are set in locales ranging from abandoned insane asylums to haunted bowling alleys, but being trapped on a vacant ship is ground rarely tread. It is good to see a title in such a crowded genre strive to be original and make a name for itself. Monstrum has a lot of support from its indie fans, so look forward to a bevy of new Let’s Plays.

Monstrum is currently available on Steam Early Access, but will be available on Steam proper, Humble Bundle, Green Man Gaming, and will soon see ports to Mac and Linux, and even onto Oculus for the crazy people that want their first person horror in a virtual reality environment.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H5LpHJ_2x4]

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