If Goat Simulator wasn’t crazy enough, they’ve gone and added rocket-powered cars. Armin Ibrisagic, a designer on the game, took to Twitter to announce a Rocket League arena has been added to Goat Simulator: Payday, the expansion DLC that came out last week.

“You can now play Rocket League in Goat Simulator: PAYDAY because why the hell not/ADD ALL THE GAMES/pls don’t sue,” he said.

Explaining further to Gamespot, Ibrisagic said, “Basically, we had a programmer who thought it would be really fun to program an AI for cars that was very similar to the AI used in Rocket League,” he said. “Once the AI was done, we got in touch with the peeps behind Rocket League, they sent some assets over to us, and we patched it into the latest Payday DLC. If you own the DLC, you can find a Rocket League arena in the desert outside the ‘Payday city.’ We just did it for the lulz.”

Rocket League even responded to the announcement saying, “Nice! This is awesome.”

Will you be playing Rocket League in Goat Simulator? Let us know in the comments.

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