Hyrule Warriors has proven that the Dynasty Warriors style of being a god on the battlefield can work for other game series, some netter than other.  With that in mind let’s take a look at some of the other games which would benefit from having a “Warriors” title.

Star Wars

The Force Unleashed II.  Candidate for the Warriors games

Now I’m not about to deny that we got a taste of something similar with games like The Force Unleashed.  Giving us the unrestrained might of the force, for what we could get on last generation systems anyway, and letting us loose wasn’t a bad idea.

But we need to take it one step further.  Imagine standing before hundreds of Rebel troopers fighting with Imperial troops on the battlefield.  The Rebel Alliance might have been mostly guerrilla but there were some large scale battles.  It’s just a case of blowing those up out of all proportion and giving each side hundreds of units for the players to wade through.

Another idea could be a story focusing on some of the expanded universe, looking back at the battles fought by the Empire and Republic of old on various planets.  The choice to fight for the Jedi or the Sith and having force powers based off each one.  If not them then a freelance Bounty Hunter or loyal soldier of either faction.  Yes I am borrowing class ideas from The Old Republic, but unleashing a flame barrage on hundreds of Jedi defenders like we’ve seen in cut-scenes would be awesome.

The destructive power of the Force could be shown off in full, as well as the capabilities and weapons at the disposal of each faction.  Imagine as a super move calling down an artillery or orbital strike on a horde of enemies, or taking a base by throwing Force Lightning bombs into the enemy ranks.  There’s so much untapped potential and we could do with something new, since Battlefront looks set to tease us for a bit longer.

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