Castlevania.  Candidate for the Warriors games.

With a myriad of characters, settings, locations and bosses why would Castlevania not be on this list?  The 3D hasn’t been too kind to Castlevania since the days of the N64 and most games that have been in 3D for Castlevania have flopped harder than a vampire in the sunlight.

Let’s breathe new life into it then and put Simon Bellmont, Trevor, Alucard, Yoko Belanades, Maria Renard, everyone we’ve come to know and fight as in the series into a full scale war with Dracula and his forces.

The sheer amounts of zombies, skeletons, bats, spirits and other ghastly minions that are under Dracula’s control should be more than enough to make the enemies not seem repetitive in the game.  Plus the scale of the boss fights from Castlevania could easily be captured and translated into this.

Just think of the special abilities as well.  Giant holy crosses, twisters of biblical scripture ripping through unholy forces, blood magic spells to siphon life force and elemental magic to tear open the sky.  It has to happen.

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