Bleach Soul Ignition.  Candidate for the Warriors games.

Yes, an anime series that would make a good Warriors game, original.  Koei have already shown that anime can work with a Warriors game, look at One Piece Pirate Warriors and Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage.  Both might not have been the deepest attempt at narrative and storytelling, but they’re still pretty sweet to just load up and see how many kills you can chalk up.

Bleach is another series which we’ve had a preview of what it might look like.  Bleach: Soul Resurreccion was a PS3 exclusive and featured the various characters from the Bleach universe slicing through smaller hordes of enemies.  We just need this but on a much bigger scale and given the full Warriors treatment.  The vast armies clashing on both sides and the epic powers of both Shikai and Bankai unleashed on the minions before us.

Anime is already pretty over the top, so let’s take it to the next level with a Warriors game.  Please?

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