Rocket League’s competitive matchmaking will be changing very soon.

With developer Psyonix releasing a blog post updating players, they are just putting the finishing touches on their update to the popular racing brawler(car brawler? racing soccer? car soccer? someone help me out here, please). Psyonix claims to stand by their decision to no longer give constant feedback, however, they are adding a division indicator. This is to increase the transparency on rankings, which they feel was a little too low.

There will be five divisions in each skill tier, equating to roughly 20% of the skill range in that tier. Tiers I, II, III, IV, and V. “You will progress through them sequentially, with Division I being the lowest and Division V the highest.  When you’re in Division V, you know you’re close to promotion, and vice versa with Division I.”

For players that are in the top tier, “instead of seeing a division number, you will see your actual Skill Rating regardless of if you are in the Top 100. Your skill rating will also appear on the League Rankings screen so you can easily gauge how far you have to go to reach the Top 100.”

The second change coming to matchmaking is to fix two issues within the Champion tier. Currently, high skill players are experiencing two major issues. Reaching Platinum within the Champion tier has little to no aspiration, as a increasingly large range of skill levels are found within the Champion tier.

Additionally, players outside the top 100 have no way to gauge how long it will take them to get to the leader boards.

A quick fix to the first issue is to separate Champion into even more tiers. Champion, Super Champion, and Grand Champion. They’ve also shuffled the Star tier around slightly, so if you are in any of the higher divisions you may see a change in your title. You can find the new hierarchy down below.

rocketleague new skill tier

For players that are outside the top 100 but still in the Grand Champion, they’ll be displaying Skill Rating in place of the Divisional Counter. “As for players in the Top Division (now “Grand Champion”) who aren’t in the Top 100, we will be displaying your Skill Rating in place of a divisional indicator. All players in Grand Champion will see their Skill Rating both on the playlist screen and on the League Rankings display so they can easily gauge their progress towards breaking into the Top 100.”

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