Kickstarter has been the birth place of some indie titles that have gone on to become great successes once they are released. It is sad to know that the this will not be said for Ant Simulator, but the reasons why are even worse.

Eric Tereshinski, one of the developers of Ant Simulator, has put up a YouTube video announcing the game’s cancellation as well as stating that the reasoning for this is due to his partners Tyler Monce and Devon Staley. “My ex-business partners were secretly stealing company money,” Tereshinski stated. “They had secretly spent the overwhelming majority on both our Kickstarter money and the Ant Simulator investment money on liquor, restaurants, bars, and even strippers.”

In an interview with GameInformer after this video was posted, Monce and Staley stated that accusations were completely false and that any money spent in restaurants and bars was a reasonable business expense. They further claimed that Eric Tereshinski had seized control of all of the company’s assets.

It is hard to know what the real truth behind all of this is, but at the end of the day Ant Simulator isn’t being made and a friendship of 11 years seems to have met its end.

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