Studio Wildcard’s prolific Jurassic Park simulator has just added some new content, with the main features being a new bird to terrorize the landscape and a grappling hook. On “The Terror Bird,” Wildcard states:

“The Terror Bird, or Phorusrhacidae Rapidesultor, is a tamable and aggressive avian capable of high-speed sprints and brief leaps,” the developer explains. “It is not a flying bird per say, as its flight is comprised of short, sustained ‘Joust’-like glides or leaps. At eight to 12 feet tall, the Terror Bird is aggressive, but still tamable and ridable, making it an excellent combat mount, particularly for harassing and scouting.”

“Riders of The Terror Bird gain most of the benefits of a fast, mobile ground-based theropod, while also gaining some of the freedom of movement from a flyer. Assuming the rider can coax it into staying in the air over a long leap! The Terror Bird shows traits related to theropods such as Utahraptor, Carnotaurus, and Tyrannosaurus, though its attacks differ, as they are made up of lightning dashes and leaping slashes.”

The grappling hook allows for more than just scaling walls. It almost functions like Rico’s grappling hook from Just Cause 3. Players can use it to ride flying dinosaurs, drag around smaller dinosaurs, or hold down players. Along with that, the update also adds the following:

  • Tribe Alliances (PvE and PvP): Yes, finally, small Tribes can band together against larger ones!
  • Fishing Upgrade: Coelacanth Nutritia, common name Coel, are now different sizes (and give different amount of resources depending on the fish size…gives the rare chance of a super-large catch!)
  • Fully Localizable Game Text: Now you can crowd-source translation and dynamic fonts for any language without Modding/TC’s!
  • All Current Items added to the Master Items ID array

ARK: Survival is available on Steam through Early Access and the Xbox One through Xbox Game Preview, with a full release date sometime during June.

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