Bungie has confirmed in the developer’s latest weekly update that Destiny 2 will definitely launch in 2017, hot on the heels of an as-yet-unnamed expansion for Destiny coming late 2016.

Directly addressing player concerns in “This Week At Bungie“, Bungie’s Community Manager DeeJ answered the questions that everyone in the Destiny playerbase have been asking for months – ‘what’s happening with Destiny? When’s the next meaningful Destiny update?’

While many were expecting the post to be focused around the newly-launched Crimson Doubles playlist, DeeJ surprised everyone by including some information on their large update coming in Spring, as well as confirming a late-2016 release for a new expansion, and a 2017 release for a full Destiny sequel.

Prior to the holiday break we mentioned a second, larger update slated for Spring,” he said in the update. “That content release will feature a significant Light increase, a bunch of new gear to earn and equip, and new challenges for PvE players seeking some more fun experiences and replayability.

Beyond that, the team is focused on delivering a large expansion later this year, and a full Destiny sequel in 2017.

This gives a very distinct roadmap of the next 12-or-so months:

  • Spring 2016 – Light increase, new gear, and new PvE-focused challenges
  • Late 2016 – Entirely new and “large” expansion
  • 2017 – Full Destiny sequel

I’m incredibly okay with that amount of content in that amount of time. More importantly, I’m okay with that because Bungie has told fans exactly what they’re working on.

The post answers fans’ demands on multiple levels – it confirms that Bungie is actually working on something in the current Destiny title, rather than focusing solely on Destiny 2; it shows that they’re focusing specifically on including PvE players and their interests in the next update; and it finally gives all players a roadmap of what they can expect over the next year or so.

This update is exactly what fans wanted and needed: it doesn’t necessarily say when exactly each release will occur, it doesn’t include every detail on what’s included, but instead – most importantly – it shows that Bungie is listening and willing to communicate that they are working on multiple items for the future.

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