World-design lead of Destiny, Steve Cotton, has revealed that Bungie has been thinking about raid matchmaking “a lot.”

In an interview with GameCentral, Cotton was asked about the vetting process of listening to fan suggestions. “We are absolutely listening, and we’re absolutely thinking about stuff, and we are also absolutely prioritizing the things that we want to do,” Cotton said.

“So we’ve prioritized, in a lot of cases, giving players new adventures and new experiences. And then things like private matches, this is the right time to bring that into the game. So, I think it’s just about us trying to make the things that we think are the most impactful for each release. And constantly looking at stuff that people are talking about,” he continued.

He was then asked if matchmaking for raids was still a possibility. “We’ve been thinking about that [matchmaking] a lot,” Cotton responded.

It appears that Bungie is open to the idea of raid matchmaking, but have decided to focus on other priorities in adding content for Rise of Iron. Whether or not we’ll see the addition of match making soon after the release of the expansion is yet to be determined.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will release September 20, 2016 for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Destiny – The Collection releases the same day and includes Expansion I and II, The Taken King, and Rise of Iron.


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