In a game where players can create a metropolis out of a 2×2 km of land, Cities: Skylines pushes the creators to expand their land and businesses.  The more people populate the city, the more opportunities will unlock even more upgrades. Regulate power, water, sewage, education, fire and police stations. There are so many things that to into making a functioning cityscape for fun.

The groundhog may have given us an early spring.  However, Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive have announced a rather chilling expansion for the fans of Skylines.  Snowfall will feature an in-game weathering system, including rain and fog for the existing maps.  And of course, there will be a new winter theme for maps.  But with a winter wonderland comes the challenges of a city shrouded in snow: Heating, plumbing, food, etc.  But not to worry, with “World Warmth, Too”, players can provide just that with new water-based heating systems to introduced into the tiny homes of one’s city.

Cities: Skylines

Chirp- “Check out the trailer below!”

For the outdoors, “Plowers to the People” provides a system of snow plows to keep traffic going. There will also be road maintenance mechanics to keep the roads even clearer.  Additionally, Trams will be added to the expansion of public transportation, in case your citizens  haven’t gotten around to purchasing snow tires yet!

Various improvements have also been made to Chirp, the token social-media avian of the game.



The Snowfall expansion for Cities: Skylines will be available for purchase for $12.99 at Paradox Plaza.

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