Amiibo collectors, rejoice! With new games come new things to show off in your man/woman cave! And to occasionally use their functionality with certain Wii U games, but let’s be honest, we all know why you want them. Anyway, what amiibos are new? The Super Mario Maker amiibo, the Skylanders crossover amiibo, the Animal Crossing amiibo, the Yoshi’s Wooly World amiibo, and a wealth of upcoming Smash Bros. amiibos.

In case you can’t find any proper up-close pictures of said amiibos, look no further! Said pictures can be accessed by going to this gallery. It seems as though Nintendo have no qualm with continuing to release variant forms of pre-existing amiibos, but considering how fast these things fly off the shelf, who can blame them? There’s no question that amiibos are in high demand, especially considering their functionality with upcoming games such as Mario Maker.

Not only that, but considering the extensive list, there’s bound to be a character everyone scrambles for in hopes of acquiring something to represent their favorite Nintendo IP. Perhaps the only slightly disappointing news to have come out of E3 is the lack of a game to solely feature the amiibos. Skylanders was a step in the right direction, but I know I would love to see a game include them all sometime in the near future. For that kind of game, the DLC creates itself.

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