Last month Cities: Skylines announced the winter-themed expansion Snowfall, and now it has a release date. Look to start dealing with heating costs and snow-filled streets February 18th when the expansion releases on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux for $12.99.

While a free update will go out to everyone that has Cities: Skylines, adding cosmetic weather changes like rain and fog, those that purchase the expansion will receive the full experience of building a city to withstand the snow and ice of the winter season.

Snowfall adds a temperature gauge for your city, new energy resources connected to heating, new public transportation options, and even the ability to build a snowplow depot to keep the roads clear.

This is Cities: Skylines’ second expansion. The first, After Dark, added a day and night cycle and tourism among a handful of other new things, to the game. Will you be checking out Snowfall? Let us know in the comments.

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