Even more changes are abound as the week rolls out a plethora of content and changes. A notable change is the removal of ammo from the start of the round for various 3v3 maps. As an extension, the maps will now slowly spawn specialized Crucible ammo for players to collect for their weapons. A change that amps up the challenge for players to fire at each other instead of the usual ‘zerging’ tactic.

One other inclusion is the ‘Freelance’ playlist for Crucible players. This new playlist has maps the range from 3v3 to 6v6 maps with accompanying levels of difficulty and terrain. Furthermore, these playlists will be available for solo players as a means to counter solo players from queuing up against an entire team of enemies in a party. This hasn’t changed for people in teams already and must face the crucible in fear of being dominated by teams of players.

This entire week has been a huge lead up to the Crimson Days event next week, not just these changes to the Crucible, but a whole new latency system that is looking to change up how Destiny players will deal with the upcoming challenges ahead of them. Good luck Guardians!

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