Nintendo has revealed a slew of new Pokemon coming to this fall’s titles, Sun and Moon.

First up is Crabrawler, a fighting type, crab-like creature with claws similar to massive boxing gloves. Crawbrawler can wield two different abilities: Hyper Cutter or Iron Fist.

Next in the reveal is Sandygast, a Pokemon resembling a pile of sand, made up of ghost and ground types. Sandygast’s evolution will be into Palossand, becoming a much larger sandcastle. Each Pokemon features the ability Water Compaction, raising their defense sharply by two points if hit by a water-type move.


Things started to get adorable with the reveal of Stuffal, a small pink and brown bear of the normal and fighting types. Sporting the special ability Fluffy, Stuffal will take half damage from direct contact attacks, but will suffer double-damage from fire type moves. Stuffal is the pre-evolution of the previously announced Bewear.


You can see all of the newly announced Pokemon as well as their moves, abilities and types in the video released by Nintendo below.

Pokemon Sun and Moon arrive on November 18th for the Nintendo 3DS. The latest trailer for the game shows off the villains you can expect to encounter and more.

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