You can’t have a Pokemon game without a lovably awful group of villains to root against. Thankfully, Pokemon Sun and Moon have that covered with Team Skull. The newest trailer for the duo of upcoming games not only introduces the evil-doing ruffians, but also reveals a whole host of new pokemon and Alola forms.

Team Skull is led by big sister Plumeria and the big boss Guzma. Plumeria is “a tough lady who keeps Team Skull in line and working together,” while Guzma “pours on the attacks, battling without mercy,” and has “a bone to pick with Professor Kukui,” explains the announcement on the games’ website.

As for the new pokemon, the trailer officially introduces WishiWashi, a water type that can school into a new more powerful form; Pyukumuku, another water-type; and Morelull, a Grass/Fairy type. Pyukumuku’s Innards Out ability lets it cause one last bit of damage when it faints, equal to the amount of life it had left when it suffered the final blow. We got our first look at WishiWashi earlier this week in the leaked pages of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro.

The same leaked pages also revealed the Meowth and Marowak Alola forms. New to the mix however is the Raichu Alola form, complete with the new ability Surge Surfer, which gives Raichu double speed on electric terrain.

Pokemon Sun and Moon release November 18 for 3DS. For all the newest reveals keep checking back right here on Gamespresso.

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