Driveclub is a popular racing game that takes players around the world to test their skills on an international level. With great controls, racers can really feel like they are tearing up the tracks all the way to the finish line. With the latest update, things are about to get even more hardcore.

Evolution Studios, the developer for Driveclub, just released patch 1.26 and it sure has a lot of content. 6 variants of the new Scotland – Old Town are here. There are also 10 new Elite levels, 10 new Driver levels, and 25 new Club levels, increasing the level cap for all. The really interesting addition, however, is the Hardcore Handling option. This allows players to turn off control on traction, stability, and more, to give them an even better realistic feel.

Check out the link here to see all the patch notes and watch the trailer below for a first look. Driveclub is available now exclusively for PS4.

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