If you have never had the pleasure of playing it for yourself, Dust 514 is a free-to-play first person shooter on PS3 set in the same universe as Eve Online. While receiving mixed reviews, the title was called ambitious and made its name heard. Now, unfortunately, this time has come to an end.

Developer CCP made an official announcement on their forums, stating that Dust 514 was being shut down. This in turn means that there will not be a 1.3 update for the title. The official date of the shut down will be May 30th, 2016, so players have a good few months to continue playing the game. This had been a solid 3 years of Dust 514 for CCP.

While this may be sad news, the future for CCP looks bright as they are moving forward with development for a new FPS on PC in the New Eden universe. More of that to come when we learn more about it.

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