Since its transition into a full-fledged MMORPG, RIFT has gone through various changes and improvements in order to cater to both free-to-play and subscription players. In an update, the team over at Trion Worlds have announced some brand new features that make the ‘Patron’ option worthy of their player’s time and money. The ‘Patron’ option is a title for players who have paid for the subscription; a title that can be earned in the game via in-game currency.

Patrons will now receive two new bonuses: An ‘Immunity to Soul Vitality Loss’ and 50% reduced Auction fees and commissions. The soul vitality loss is a maximum health debuff from dying while the reduced fees will allow for a higher profit margin from auctioning items. Along with these bonuses, the Patrons will have the following new features:

  • Stacking charges for Dungeons, Warfonts, and Instant Adventures
  • Accumulating rest experience
  • Queuing for specific Warfronts and Dungeons

These changes and updates are no doubt a means to encourage players to work towards the Patron title or pay for it. The only concern is to make sure they keep the game balanced for both sides of the playerbase.

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