The 30th hero for Battleborn has been revealed. Described as precise, deadly, and obsessively hygienic, the game’s newest hero, Beatrix appears to be a young women, with an assortment of cybernetic enhancements, who specializes in debuffing and disrupting the activities of her opponents.

beatrix Battleborn

The official website for the game gives use more information on Beatrix as well as early concept art for the games newest addition to the roaster. The entry reads, “Beatrix has a fondness, if not obsession, with manipulating living creatures. With her prosthetic syringe-arm, she can inject enemies at range, spreading debilitating debuffs and disease across the battlefield. A scientist at artificial-heart, Beatrix is ready to apply a lethal dose of Jennerit intellect and ruthlessness straight to Rendain.”

Beatrix will be headed to Battleborn within the coming months. She will be free to all players who have 47,500 in game credits saved up. Players will also be able to unlock her using one hero key which can be obtained via the game’s season pass. Gearbox plans on releasing more information on this new hero leading up to her release.

In the next coming months, players can also look forward to three more Story operations and a new multiplayer mode.

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