Confirmed over on the Counter Strike: Global Offensive subreddit, Darude will be participating in a sound pack made exclusively for the Valve title. The move is in celebration of DJ Darude’s newest album “Moments“. There is no solid evidence that the oh so famous and meme-fueled Sandstorm will be featured in this soundpack or not. The reddit posts only mentions the new album Darude had unveiled.

Yes this was an excuse for me to put this song into this article on Gamespresso. No I don’t feel bad.

That said, Valve has been embracing major names in the music industry for sound packs recently. This includes Deadmau5 and Julian/ Jeremy Soule of Elder Scrolls fame. Deadmau5 was even the finishing act at The International 5. The push to reach further into the recess of the internet’s love for music of all styles, it’s not too strange that Darude would be lending his talents to Valve for CS:GO.

I whole heartedly agree with a comment on the subreddit: 80% of people would buy the pack instantly should in contain the song that made him famous, even though it is suppose to celebrate a new album with all tracks. Wishing him success with his new album and hope that the sound pack comes out well! The question is though. Who’s next?

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