Hearthstone players have long been desiring a two-headed giant gameplay, similar to that of Magic the Gatherings.

The mode which can be found in MTG, revolves around players taking their turn phases at the same time, and fighting 2v2 over 1v1. Although Blizzard has talked about adding a co-operative style of gameplay to Hearthstone, they dashed the rumours up until recently.

Through data mining, Reddit user insydr posted some patch notes to the Hearthstone subreddit.

Added VO_HRW_TEST_00.AUDIOFILE: “test”

Added VO_HRW_TEST_01: “Well done! You’ve defeated the boss together.nnBoth players win!”

Added VO_HRW_TEST_01.AUDIOFILE: “test”

Added VO_HRW_TEST_02: “Defeat Gearmaster Mechazod together to win!”

Although it’d be great to have a co-operative gameplay, the real fun of Hearthstone is found within battling other players. This could be an ode back to the World of Warcraft TCG, which involved taking down several ‘raid’ decks as well as playing against other players.

Perhaps with the addition of co-operative gameplay, we will see some 2v2 two-headed giant play surface.

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