Rocket League has made a big impact on the video game community since it was released last year. It won numerous awards including Best Indie Game and Best Sports/Racing Game at the Game Awards 2015. Now this title is moving into its second season. So what can we expect?

Patch 1.11 is now ready for Rocket League and it will bring some changes and new content to the second year of this title. First, all players of the first season will receive a crown based on their previous performance. They will also need 10 matches to place their skill going into ranked games for the second season. Three new maps will also be temporarily added to the playlist, awaiting player feedback to see which actually make the final cut.

For more info on patch 1.11, check out the full details on the official website. Rocket League is available now for PC and PS4. It will also be released for Xbox One next week.

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