The hit sports and racing game Rocket League is all set to release later this month, says Psyonix Studios.

Responding to a Twitter follower, Rocket League’s official Twitter handle stated that they’re currently in the certification process with the Xbox One version of the game, and that the game will most likely release in mid February. The Xbox One version of the game will not support cross play with the PS4 or PC versions of the game, but they will see their own exclusive content.

Earlier last month, Sunset Overdrive developer Insomniac Games stated that Sunset Overdrive DLC will become available on the Xbox One version of Rocket League.

“Rocket League is a game high on action and reliant on reflex,” Sunset Overdrive‘s creative director Marcus Smith said at the time. “It’s all about near-misses and sudden opportunities. In short, Rocket League would naturally fit with the world of Sunset Overdrive. It would be a sport the denizens of Sunset City would eventually create for themselves (if they could only get those damn cars started!).”

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