A new trailer for upcoming title The Division puts the three available skill trees on display, showing players how to gain a tactical edge.

There are three skill trees available in The Division: Technology, Medical and Security. Technology: provides an array of gadgets to gain a competitive edge; Medical: squad support; Security: defensive support for your squad. The newly released trailer outlines a unique skill from each category:

  • Medical: The Pulse ability, which sends out a short-range wave that will highlight all enemies within a particular radius
  • Technology: The Sticky Bomb Launcher, which can fire an adhesive charge, attaching itself to any surface or enemy before detonating.
  • Security: The Ballistic Shield, a mobile barricade that allows players to advance on the enemy without exposing themselves

Each skill tree is available in a different section of a player’s Base of Operations. As player’s progress through the game, different skills become available for use. On top of the standard skill, modifiers will become available, which enhances the player’s skill beyond its standard state.

There’s a total of 12 skills and 36 mods available at the launch of The Division, with standard skills being equipped to each bumper, allowing for two to be equipped simultaneously.

the Division is set for release March 8 on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

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