appletv-4g_remote-printSupposedly, the new Apple TV will be geared toward gaming, sources say. The anonymous information providers know a bit about what Apple plans to do, and it could be an exciting twist on the gaming industry.

The insiders from The New York Times divulged that the new Apple TV will have higher powered internal hardware in order to support enhanced graphics for gaming. Although, this is not the only function. The new Apple TV will still support its previous video and music streaming capabilities, which is an added bonus considering Apple is upping their efforts towards video games.

The new Apple TV will have a remote that also functions as a controller and the app store will allow users to purchase and download video games. That being said, it seems as if Apple would charge a hefty price for the upgraded device, and even though at $150 it is more expensive than the previous Apple TV ($70), it is still much less expensive than the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Apple has a history of having little interest in the world of gaming, however, recent insight has proven that this is slated to change. On September 1, 2015, reports said that the new Apple TV will include a controller much like the Wii remote in an effort to “lure players from traditional consoles.”

Sources say that the new Apple TV will support Bluetooth functionality and many third-party devices. Also, the controller will supposedly have motion control, a touchpad interface, and physical buttons.

“…the controller is said to connect to the Apple TV over Bluetooth, rather than using a sensor bar with IR support. As a result, the Apple TV’s support for motion controls is unlikely to include a system navigation and pointing interface akin to Nintendo’s Wii.” says 9to5 Mac.

Apple has yet to say anything on the matter and will continue to keep quiet until the official reveal. Apple gathered together media and software partners on September 9 in San Francisco.

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