Firaxis, the developer behind XCOM 2, has released stats on the notoriously tough turn-based strategy game. A key part of the XCOM games is that when a soldier dies it’s a permanent loss to the team.

As of this article over 5.3 million XCOM soldiers have lost their lives in battle. On the other hand 70 million enemies have been killed by human forces.

Surprisingly, only 25% of solider deaths came from Enemies with 65% of soldiers dying from Collateral Damage. Friendly Fire accounted for 2% of deaths and sadly 9% of soldiers were left behind.

Players interested in a full list of the game’s stats can find them on Firaxis’ website here.

XCOM 2 is only available for PC. The game’s system requirements facilitate the need of a beefy gaming rig to run the game at max settings, but gamers have found a way to make the game load faster. Players who want to kill more aliens after beating the initial game will be pleased to know there will be three upcoming expansions for the game in the upcoming year.

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