An in-development 3DS emulator, Citra made quite the leap recently when it added HD resolution support (spotted by NeoGAF user CyberPunked). Needless to say, Nintendo 3DS games have probably never looked this good.

Presently, 3DS screens offer a 400 x 200 pixel resolution, jumping up to 800 x 240 to render 3D. Citra’s HD up-scaling produces images at 1600 x 900. Showing off the new feature on the emulator’s website, the developers behind it released images of multiple Zelda titles, Mario Kart 7, and Super Mario 3D Land, among others.

A handful of images can be found below, but plenty more are available in Citra’s gallery.

Posting a progress report early this month, the team commented, “While 2015 will be considered the year that Citra first played games, 2016 is quickly shaping up as a year filled with higher compatibility, greater stability and much more as Citra matures. The avalanche of new features from tons of contributors has made it hard to keep up with everything even for developers!”

First started in 2014, Citra isn’t affiliated with Nintendo. Instead it is an open-source project that boasts the contributions of over 50 different developers. What do you think of the screens? Do you wish your 3DS could put out visuals like that on its own? Let us know in the comments.

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