Bethesda has released another PC beta update for Fallout 4’s new Survival mode.

Entitled the Fallout 4 1.5.146 Survival Steam Beta Update, the patch adds a feature that thirst, hunger, sleep, and disease icons will change color based on the item’s status. It also makes changes to food and drink, carry capacity, sleep cycles, fusion cores, companions, and more.

The full update notes can be found below.

New Survival Features

  • Thirst, hunger, sleep and disease icons will change color based on status

Survival Fixes

  • Less food and drink are required to maintain proper sustenance
  • Carry capacity lowered
  • Sleep cycle has been lowered from 24 hours to 14 hour days
  • Increases chance to get a disease
  • Fusion cores weigh more
  • Nuka Cola Quantums no longer cancel out caffeine effect from Nuka Cola and Nuka Cola Cherry
  • Fixed occasional issue with becoming parched or peckish when thirst or hunger are actually satisfied
  • Fixed issue where Adrenaline effect would incorrectly persist after changing difficulty level
  • When companion is down, a quest target will appear on them

Survival mode came to the PC version of Fallout 4 last month and will head to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at a later date.

Source: Bethesda

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