The second DLC for Fallout 4, Wasteland Workshop, has finally received a trailer.

The trailer for the DLC has a voice over which explains the whole end-of-the-world situation, just in case that one went over your head for the past few games. The player is then seen putting together a house, which features multiple traps. Nixie tube lighting and Taxidermy are both new features for creating your settlements in Fallout 4.

However, the highlight of the trailer is perhaps the traps. Used to catch wildlife, such as cats and nightmares, you can then learn to control them. After capturing the beasts you can release them and pit them against fellow settlers in the area, offering for a barbaric form of entertainment at best. I don’t think we want to think about what the worst case scenario would be in this situation.

Bethesda also took the time to tease the third planned DLC for Fallout 4, Far Harbor. Players will have the opportunity to travel to Maine in the DLC, and Bethesda is boasting that it is the largest land mass they have ever created for add-on content.


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