The latest installment of the Battlefield series has recently been confirmed. Titled Battlefield 1, the latest first-person shooter by DICE will be set in World War 1.

While rumors of the change in setting have been circulating for some time, the trailer has finally confirmed the rumors. And in a nice change of pace, the trailer revealed more than just what the rumors were discussing, with new things such as horses, zeppelins, biplanes, and a focus on some more down-and-dirty melee combat.

While not too much was confirmed about the single-player (typical following multiple people on different sides of the war), details on the multiplayer were overflowing. The title will see the largest maps in the Battlefield franchise. Cavalry horses will be a great way for players to traverse the battlefield, while air supremacy is also becoming a huge part of the experience. New vehicle classes will also be introduced such as biplane pilots and tank drivers. They’ll offer bonuses to players that are utilizing their specialist’s given vehicle.

Battlefield 1 will release on October 21st to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Those subscribed to EA Access will have the ability to try out the game early on the Xbox One and PC.

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