As fun as modern-day shooters have been these past years, sometimes it’s nice just to try something new, or in the case of Battlefield 1, something old. Going back to WWI, the next Battlefield title hopes to breath new life into the franchise by tackling multiplayer in ways that will delight, and hopefully surprise fans.

Speaking during the game’s reveal livestream (starting a little after the 6 hour mark), DICE made it clear they weren’t pulling any punches. With larger maps, new vehicles, new character classes, and even a heavier emphasis on melee combat, Battlefield 1 is on the right path to stand out from its predecessors. The French Western Front, the Italian Alps, and Arabia have all been confirmed as maps, and are described as just as destructible as any fan would expect.

When it comes to the larger maps, players will have even more ways to get around. Along with 2-person biplanes, a far cry from the jets Battlefield players have become used to, and tanks, the game will also introduce horses for the first time. Fast and able to get places other vehicles can’t, the inclusion of horses could be distinctly different from anything in the past.

More than just a return to earlier-era vehicles, DICE is building Battlefield 1 to highlight those vehicles with new vehicle-centric classes. While the mainstays of Assault, Medic, Scout, and Support are still part of the action, biplane pilots and tank drivers will join the ranks. Though everyone can use any vehicle, pilots and drivers will receive special bonuses for using the vehicles specific to them.

But the boots-on-the-ground combat is still just as important. Along with WWI era guns, Battlefield 1 will give players knives, swords, shovels, clubs, and even bayonets. As was the case in WWI, the fighting is tailored to be much more up close and personal.

Battlefield 1 is launching October 21 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. What do you think of it so far? Let us know in the comments.

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