The next major update for Blade & Soul will arrive next month, and will include new dungeons and pets.

The update, entitled Vengeance Breaks, will introduce three new Heroic dungeons: Sundered Nexus, Alter of Divine Will, and Zaiwei Ruins. The update will also include the Tower of Infinity, in which players must defeat as many enemies as possible before either the time runs out or they die.

The upcoming update will also add non-combat pets to the game. Pets will follow players around, and will grant a defensive buff when fed. North American and Europe will receive two exclusive pets: Griffin and Otter. The update will also increase the maximum Hongmoon Level to 15.

Blade & Soul is available now on PC. The Vengeance Breaks update will release on June 1st, and follows the Silverfrost Mountains update that released in March. It was announced earlier this year that the free-to-play MMORPG had reached over 1 million players in the west.

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