Italian racing sim, Assetto Corsa, which translates to something around ‘racing setup’ is coming to the two next-generation consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation Four, next year thanks to 505 Games. It is already available on Steam for PC, but it’s nice to see the jump to place it on consoles.

According to the publisher 505 games, Assetto Corsa is not like the Burnouts or the Need for Speeds, focusing on physics realism, using as much accuracy as it can manage, everywhere from car handling to tracks measured out for realistic tracks.

To keep with the realistic nature, the models of the cars inside the game as life-like as well, giving models of Ferraris, Fiats, McLarens, Mercedes, Lamborghinis and more, for a total of more than a hundred.

Everything can be adjusted in game, the cars handling and race-set up making each car personal to how the player would prefer them. Each racing experience can be further adjusted, as everything down to collision damage and even the driver attributes can be messed with in game to make it perfect for you as a player. There will be more than 20 tracks, with single and multiplayer modes.

There should be more news of this game at E3.


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