Paradox Interactive has released a trailer for the upcoming expansion for Hearts of Iron IV, titled “Together for Victory.” This trailer, set during  World War 2, opens with a close up of flags belonging to European nations. It then transitions to a company of troops storming a beach, all while a narrator sets the tone for the expansion.

Paradox Interactive explains, “The centerpiece of Together for Victory is a set of new National Focus trees for five subjects of the British crown: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the British Raj in India. Make history with appropriate technology or alternate history paths, as well as new portraits, new leaders and new companies for the Dominions. Together for Victory is the first step in a process that Paradox hopes will tell the story of every nation in the great conflict.”

This new expansion will include a new autonomy system that will feature four levels of dependency and status for subject nations. These statuses are puppets, dominions, and fully independent states. It also allows nations to request Lend-Lease agreements from other allies whenever they are in need of equipment and vehicles. This expansion will also add updates and changes to the games combat system.

Hearts of Iron: Together for Victory will be coming to the Paradox store and other digital retailers soon.

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