Earlier this week, The Division had more issues with their Daily Missions not being available. Ubisoft stated that they would do everything they could to find a permanent solution to this problem. While that is hopefully taken care of soon, it seems the developers also want to add some more features in the meantime.

Ubisoft has a planned update 1.2 for the online shooter. While this should improve certain bugs, such as mission doors not opening, the One is None talent, and the Base of Operations not opening properly, more content is coming with these patches. A new Dark Zone bracket will test the skills of those with a Gear Score over 200. Facing off against level 32-34 NPC’s will result in some great high-end Division Tech loot.

This update should also improve dropping rates across the entire game. More weapons and less gear mods. The Division is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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