The wait will finally be over in four more days. The heroes will unite and Overwatch will once again commence. For some impatient folks, the wait will be either be over quick or unbearably long. The reason for this is the release date being on the exact time. To be exact, the game will be released on the 24th of May, 12 a.m. according to the British Standard Time.

Meanwhile, denizens around the globe will be receiving their Overwatch release around that time. For a quick reference, here’s some of the release times for common regions:


May 23rd
16:00 PDT
17:00 MDT
18:00 CDT
19:00 EDT
20:00 ADT, BRT
20:30 NDT

May 24th
00:00 BST
01:00 CEST
02:00 MSK
07:00 SGT
09:00 AEST
01:00 NZST
07:00 CST
08:00 KST, JST

Basically, if you’re in North America, you’ll be getting into the game technically a day early. So I hope you capitalize on it you lucky buggers! Meanwhile, we’ll just have to wait until we wake up like it’s Christmas morning!

Overwatch will be released worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via

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