Fallout 4 players on console will be receiving a pretty tight space for mods.

During a livestream demoing how mods would work on Xbox One, Bethesda revealed that players will only receive 2-gigabytes of storage for mods in total. While some sites are currently reporting that the 2-gigabyte max is per mod,  Community Director Pete Hines confirmed to one of our sources that the only 2 gigabytes will be allocated for all mods.

Mods will release on May 31st for Xbox One. While there is no solid date for PS4, Bethesda has confirmed that mods for Sony’s console are currently on schedule for a June release.

Mods will be accessible via an in-game menu. Players will be able to download and remove mods whenever they please. Players will also be tasked with maintaining a mod load list to ensure the game runs smoothly. Players will also be required to have DLC installed for mods that require it, and have a Bethesda.net account to download mods.

Additionally, achievements and trophies will be disabled when mods are installed.

Fallout 4 released last November, and mods have been confirmed since last year’s E3. The final announced DLC for the game, Far Harbor just recently released, sending players to an island off the coast of Maine, investigating a case for the Valentine Detective Agency.

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