Looking for a way to keep yourself occupied over the long Memorial Day weekend? Uncharted 4 is currently running its first ever multiplayer bonus event.

The event began yesterday and will run all the way until May 31st at noon. During the event, players will earn an additional 50% in Relic currency for completing in-game multiplayer challenges. Looking for a way to spend all that extra Relic cash? All vanity item bundles are receiving 70% off for the entire event. Now you can repeatedly kill Flynn, and look good doing it.

Uncharted 4 smashed previous sales records on release and has garnered an insane amount of positive reviews. If you’re still waiting to check out the conclusion to the franchise, you can check out our review. “While not the deepest or most expansive multiplayer, and sadly missing anything as addictive as the survival group meta-game from The Last of Us, there’s still plenty to love in Uncharted’s multiplayer offerings. The tense team play rarely disappoints,” we found. “And with more maps, modes, and additions due to come, Naughty Dog looks set to support the multiplayer for quite a while.”

If you’re already well into Uncharted 4 you can see some of its recently detailed cut features here.

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