Back when Hideo Kojima, renowned creative director created his new Kojima Productions team over with Sony, he had revealed his new logo, the ‘Homo Ludens’. A skull encapsulated by an almost space-like or futuristic helmet. Days ago, the entire logo was shown in an awesome 3D figure. Since the initial reveal, Kojima went on to talk a bit more about the suit that the ‘Ludens’ was wearing.


Being the new icon for the new company, Ludens represents the production of sophisticated and ‘cutting-edge technology’ while still keeping the ‘frontier spirit’. The suit is described as the ‘Extra-Vehicular Activity’ creative suit or ‘EVA’. Fast forward a few days and Kojima is now describing how the suit is based on nostalgic elements from ‘nature/history’. He brings to attention the detail of the padding and how it’s shaped like an arthropod that has yellow ‘cam-like’ devices that are inspired by the turing machine. Which symbols the tough exterior that can withstand anything with the computing power of a turing machine.

It was also teased that Ludens holds a hidden teaser to the first game by the company. Something that represents what Ludens is about. Whether that’s figurative or literal, only time can tell for the PlayStation exclusive title.