Having heard the timeless Final Fantasy VII would be having a remake at E3 2015, the hearts of many fans, musicians and composers were swayed. It only took weeks for the album producer Sebastion Wolff to organize this project after the announcement. Wolff rounded up musicians, composers, youtube personalities and performers to come up with this large project to remix the entire Final Fantasy VII album. With over 200 artists, they’ve created a five-disc soundtrack that’s absolutely full of Final Fantasy VII loving tribute. The collaboration of multiple artists is inspired by the same works that OCRemix and Zelda Reorchestrated had put out.

The congregation of musicians have been called the Materia Collective. To celebrate their very first and successful fully licensed album. Some of the big names to contribute to this project include Dale North, Smooth McGroove, Triforce Quartet, Super Piano Brothers, John Robert Matz and so much more. You can check out a preview of the album in the video below:

If you’re loving what you’re hearing, you can pick up the album for $15 over on Loudr, $20 at iTunes or check it out on Spotify.

I personally have always loved remixes from the Final Fantasy series just as much as the originals. The amount of talent and creative arrangements are incredible and jaw dropping. The very first album “Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII” is an outstandingly strong start to the album and as I make this article, I’m feeling exciting chills of anticipation for the next few. Do support these guys, I would love to see them go on to other games in the series later down the line!

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