Since the first episode of Square Enix’s Hitman has been released in March, fans have eagerly awaited their next assignments. The reception from episode 2 was already greater that episode 1 and it seems like it can only go up from there. Now find out when your next targets will be available.

Hitman’s Episode 3 will be released on May 31st. “Marrakesh,” as it is called, will feature two main targets. A private banker that remains in a Swedish consulate, and an army general that is surrounded by a team of highly trained killers to protect him and his headquarters. Eventually, Marrakesh will also contain elusive targets and escalation contracts, so look forward to that as well. Do you think Agent 47 is up to this task? More importantly, are you?

The third episode for Hitman will be released on May 31st for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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