The third dose of PlayStation exclusive content to come to Hitman, Sarajevo Six mission in Marrakech sees players track and eliminate The Extractor. Continuing the storyline self-contained storyline from Paris and Sapienza, Agent 47 is tasked with killing the former members of CICADA for their war crimes.

“Your target is Walter Menard,” Io-Interactive explains. “Like both previous targets, he is a veteran of the paramilitary SIGMA UNIT, active during the Yugoslav War of the 90s. Your Target has currently been tasked with handling the evacuation of rogue banker Claus Hugo Strandberg, and we believe he is currently attached as an advisor to General Zaydan in Marrakesh.”

Marrakech is the third episode of the newest Hitman game. Scheduled to release this coming week on May 31, Agent 47 travels to the new location to take care of two more contracts: a private banker and an army general.

Io-Interactive recently started to deliver on the original living-game promise of Hitman with Elusive Contracts. Designed as the ultimate Hitman experience, these contracts are only available for a set period of time and can only be attempted once. There are no saves and the target doesn’t even show up on your map. Its up to players’ skill and intuition to track down and eliminate the target. The second Elusive Target, The Congressman, started yesterday is live for only a little longer. Hunt him down while you can.

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