In a press release statement by Koei Tecmo America’s vice president Amos Ip, it was stated that E3 attendees will have even more to look forward to from the company with a brand new ‘top-secret title’ by Omega Force. It was noted that despite the team already working on the upcoming Attack on Titan game, the game is a completely new title that hasn’t been announced yet.

“We can’t wait for attendees to get their hands on two of this year’s biggest action titles… we look forward to their reaction when we unveil an upcoming project that we’re incredibly excited to be working on.”

With the warm reception to Koei Tecmo’s latest games including the Nioh demo, Hyrule Warriors and One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, this new secret game is incredibly enticing. While I’m already feeling like a new Dynasty Warrior game is overdue, I would welcome some more fresh cross promotion IPs like Hyrule Warriors or something completely new.

E3 2016 will commence from June 14th to 16th. Keep tabs during then for our E3 coverage.

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